Wednesday 15 May 2013

Three Witches of Alchemy

Alchemy writers Jan Edwards, Debbie Bennett and Sam Stone have all scripted episodes for the upcoming Reeltimes Pictures production - White Witch of Devil's End

In this spin off from the Jon Pertwee Doctor Who story 'The Daemons', actress Damaris Hayman will be reprising her role as Miss Hawthorne in a filmic anthology of tales about her life.

Other writers involved are Raven Dane, David J. Howe and Suzanne Barbieri, with Big Finish's Matt Fitton providing the final script edit. 

PROD No: RTP0431
RRP: £12.99

Saturday 11 May 2013

Jan Gets Eventful!

Alchemy writer Jan Edwards has two events upcoming....

First up is a talk on The Paranormal in Fiction for the Mysteries Group in Stoke-on-Trent on Tuesday 20th May at the Red Lion in Harthill, Stoke.  More information can be found on their facebook page here!

Annnnnd, not only that, but Jan will also be talking about Reiki and her genre writing on the radio! If you're up Stoke way, you can catch her at 9pm on Tuesday 28th May on Paul Oldfield's Nite Klub  (CRE8 Radio 87.7 fm)

Pulp Mythic Goodness

Alchemy writers Jan Edwards, Mike Chinn and Jenny Barber have announced the contents of their forthcoming anthologies from Alchemy Press...

In The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 2 (ed. Mike Chinn) there'll be the following:
  • Cover art – Les Edwards
  • Pandora’s Box – Chico Kidd
  • The Flier – Bryn Fortey
  • Griffon’s Gamble – Arch Whitehouse
  • Night Hunter – Pauline E Dungate
  • Meeting at the Silver Dollar – Marion Pitman
  • The Monster of Gorgon – Ian Hunter
  • Dragon’s Breath – Anne Nicholls
  • The Law of Mars – Robert William Iveniuk
  • The Penge Terror – William Meikle
  • Ula and the Black Book of Leng – Andrew Coulthard
  • The Sons of Crystal City – Martin Gately
  • Kiss the Day Goodbye – Adrian Cole
  • Do Not Go Gently – Stuart Young
  • The Incarceration of Captain Nebula – Mike Resnik

Annnnnnd, in The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic (ed. Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber) there'll be...

  • James Brogden – The Smith of Hockley
  • Joyce Chng – Dragonform Witch
  • Zen Cho – Fish Bowl
  • Graham Edwards – A Night to Forget
  • Jaine Fenn – Not the Territory
  • Christopher Golden – Under Cover of Night
  • Kate Griffin – An Inspector Calls
  • Alison Littlewood – The Song of the City
  • Anne Nicholls – The Seeds of a Pomegranate
  • Jonathan Oliver – White Horse
  • Mike Resnick – The Wizard of West 34th street
  • Gaie Sebold – Underground
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky – Family Business
  • Ian Whates – Default Reactions
Both books, along with The Alchemy Press Book of Astrologica (ed. Allen Ashley) will be launched at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton in November!  Woohoo!

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Jan's Demonologia Biblica

Huuuuge congrats to Alchemy writer Jan Edwards who is having a story published in the Western Legends anthology The Demonologia Biblica.  Edited by Dean M Drinkel, this is the first in collection of anthologies to be published throughout 2013 under the banner “Tres Librorum Prohibitorum” 

Authors in this volume include: Barbie Wilde, William Meikle, Jan Edwards, John Palisano, Tracie McBride, D.T. Griffith, Kate Jonez, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Raven Dane, Jonathan Green, Lily Childs, Daniel I. Russell, Christine Dougherty, Mark West, Magen Cubed, Colleen Anderson, Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet, Dave Jeffery, Nerine Dorman, Adrian Chamberlin, Sean Sweeney, Andy Taylor, Sam Stone, Dean M. Drinkel, Sandra Norval, Nicholas Vince.

More information on when, where and how much as soon as we get it!

Pirate Jen

Congrats to Alchemy writer Jenny Barber, whose story Past Lives will be appearing in the Fox Spirit Books anthology -Piracy: Fox Pocket Anthology Volume #1.
News on release date when we get it!

Jen has also had her story Hunting Ground accepted for the Elektric Milk Bath Press Urban Fantasy Anthology - details to be forthcoming.

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Jan and Peter Networking

Alchemy writers Jan Edwards and Peter Coleborn will be involved in a free networking morning for emerging and established writers at the City Centre Library in Stoke on Trent on 16th March.  The session lasts from 10.30am - 12.30pm and will also include discussions with novelist Kate Long talking about her writing career and Sara Beadle, Programmes Director of Writing West Midlands.

Although places are free, they are also limited so please reserve your space by emailing joanne[at] and see the West Midlands website here for more details and map!

Debbie's Paying the Piper

Fans of Debbie Bennett's gritty crime book Hamelin's Child can now get their hands on the sequel - Paying the Piper.
The blurb:
Michael is piecing his life back together after his time spent as a rent boy. But it's hard and although he's been clean of drugs for months, the nightmares are still too real and he can't come to terms with Lee's death and Eddie's impending trial.

Sometimes other people's troubles can seem easier to deal with. When Michael meets Amanda at the cashpoint, it's a chance to focus on someone other than himself, and finding Amanda's missing husband and baby may just be his salvation.

But the shadows of his past won't let him go. The bank account they've set up for him is full of easy cash and Eddie's old boss Carl can help Amanda. And suddenly Michael is in deeper than he ever imagined possible.

This thriller is set six months after the events in Hamelin's Child and contains adult material.
Paying the Piper is available in paperback and multiple ebook formats as follows:

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