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Jenny Barber

Assorted posts on Girl's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse
Assorted reviews and interviews for the British Fantasy Society

Short Stories:
Aftermath - Dark Horizons
The Slave Game - Kimota
Whatever Happened to Count Dracula? – Graveyard Rendezvous

As Editor:
Here & Now Magazine
Fantasycon Magazine
(with Marie O'Regan) Dark Horizons
Shiny Shorts (review blog)
(with Jan Edwards) The Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders

Pat Barber
An Inventory Clerk's Guide to Self-Employment
First Time Tenant

Debbie Bennett
Hamelin's Child Long-listed (top 25) for CWA's Debut Dagger in 2005. Now available on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.
Edge of Dreams (YA fantasy) Now available on Amazon and Kindle and Smashwords
Paying the Piper

Short Stories:
Maniac - Bella magazine
The Dream Seller - Dark Horizons
Carousel - Xenos (& reprinted in Chills)
The Fifth Dimension - Between The Sheets
Keeping The Faith - FantasyCon 2000 Souvenir Magazine (as Cally Andrews)
Masquerade - BFS Dark Horizons
20-20 Vision - Shrouded By Darkness
Hunt - New Horizons
Moira - Every Day Fiction
On the Edge of Forever - The Kindle Coffee Break Collection, vol 1

Maniac & Other Stories is available on Amazon Kindle

Mike Chinn
Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel
Create Your Own Graphic Novel using Digital Techniques

Short Stories:
The Blood of Eden - The Mammoth Book of Dracula
Fa├žades - Phantoms of Venice
Brindley's Place - Birmingham Noir
Two Weeks on Saturday - Dark Horizons
All Beauty Must Die - Dark Horizons
All Under Hatches Stow’d - Second Black Book of Horror
Like a Bird -Third Black Book of Horror
Parlour Games - Tales from the Smoking Room
Sailors of the Skies -Dark Horizons (reprinted by Alchemy Press as an e-novella)
Welcome to the Hotel Marianas - The Bitter End: Tales of Nautical Terror
Kittens - Raw Terror
The Appalachian Collection - Back to the Middle of Nowhere
A Matter of Degree - Null Immortalis
Cold Rain - Morpheus Tales: Urban Horror Special
Hell Freezes Over - Doomology, The Dawning of Disasters
Only the Lonely - Dark Valentine

The Paladin Mandates

Peter Coleborn
Who Wanders in the Mire - Estronomicon Xmas 2011 issue
The Old Manor - Ghostly Reflections

As Editor:
Rumours of the Marvellous by Peter Atkins (pub. Alchemy Press)
Winter Chills/Chills
Dark Horizons
Fantasycon Magazine

Jan Edwards
Short Stories:
A Taste of Culture - Mammoth Book of Dracula, Robinsons, 1997
Parz'mut Wine - Salvo
On the Way - Dark Horizons
Kinmont Billie - Here & Now Magazine
September 27th (excerpt from The Life, The Lie) - Salvo
Nanna Barrows - Dark Horizons
Waiting - Write On: Hanley Libraries Anthology
April Love - Dark Valentine
Winter Eve - Ethereal Tales
Otterburn - Estronomicon Christmas Special
Grey Magic for Cat Lovers - New Horizons
The Clinic - Alt-Dead anthology
Mayday Springs Askew - Greenmantle Magazine
Eve Watch - Twisted Tongue Magazine
Valkenswaard - Unspoken Waters #2
Ballad of Lucy Lightfoot - Full Fathom Forty:40th Anniversary of the BFS
Roberta - Ethereal Tales #12
Oblation - Andromeda's Offspring #3Thirteenth Day - Estronomicon Xmas 2011 issue
Orbyting -The Hammer Out Book of Ghosts
Damnation Seize My Soul - Dark Currents
Redhill Residential - Ghostly Reflections
Wade's Run - Ghost Reflections
Gallery Green - Terror Scribes Anthology
Jack Out of the Box - Father Grim's Story Book
Midnight Twilght - Alt-Zombie
Bone Wary - AtoZ Cities of Death
Concerning Events in Leinster Gardens - The Thirteen Ghosts of Christmas

Sussex Tales

Nicki Robson
Short Stories:
Twilight Tales #1 - Twilight Tales website
Twilight Tales #2 - Daughter of Dangerous Dames
Twilight Tales #3 - Blood and Donuts

Sam Stone
Gabriele Caccini
Killing Kiss - Book 1 in the Vampire Gene series
Futile Flame - Book 2 in the Vampire Gene series
Demon Dance - Book 3 in the Vampire Gene series
Hateful Heart - Book 4 in the Vampire Gene series
Silent Sand - Book 5 in the Vampire Gene series

Short Stories:
Fool's Gold, in The Bitten Word (ed. Ian Whates)
Walking the Dead - BFS Journal Spring 2011
The Toymaker’s House - Full Fathom Forty: 40th Anniversary of the BFS 
Immortal Monster - The Hammer Out Book of Ghosts
Chillers and Breathers - The Hammer Out Book of Ghosts
Imogen - Siblings

Zombies At Tiffany's 

Zombies in New York & Other Bloody Jottings

Audio Fiction:
Zombies in New York & Other Bloody Jottings

As Editor:
(with David J Howe) Hines Sight - Autobiography of Actor Frazer Hines
Rules of Duel by Graham Masterton
Dark Horizons, part of the BFS Journal, Winter 2010
talespinning by David J. Howe