Saturday, 11 May 2013

Pulp Mythic Goodness

Alchemy writers Jan Edwards, Mike Chinn and Jenny Barber have announced the contents of their forthcoming anthologies from Alchemy Press...

In The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 2 (ed. Mike Chinn) there'll be the following:
  • Cover art – Les Edwards
  • Pandora’s Box – Chico Kidd
  • The Flier – Bryn Fortey
  • Griffon’s Gamble – Arch Whitehouse
  • Night Hunter – Pauline E Dungate
  • Meeting at the Silver Dollar – Marion Pitman
  • The Monster of Gorgon – Ian Hunter
  • Dragon’s Breath – Anne Nicholls
  • The Law of Mars – Robert William Iveniuk
  • The Penge Terror – William Meikle
  • Ula and the Black Book of Leng – Andrew Coulthard
  • The Sons of Crystal City – Martin Gately
  • Kiss the Day Goodbye – Adrian Cole
  • Do Not Go Gently – Stuart Young
  • The Incarceration of Captain Nebula – Mike Resnik

Annnnnnd, in The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic (ed. Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber) there'll be...

  • James Brogden – The Smith of Hockley
  • Joyce Chng – Dragonform Witch
  • Zen Cho – Fish Bowl
  • Graham Edwards – A Night to Forget
  • Jaine Fenn – Not the Territory
  • Christopher Golden – Under Cover of Night
  • Kate Griffin – An Inspector Calls
  • Alison Littlewood – The Song of the City
  • Anne Nicholls – The Seeds of a Pomegranate
  • Jonathan Oliver – White Horse
  • Mike Resnick – The Wizard of West 34th street
  • Gaie Sebold – Underground
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky – Family Business
  • Ian Whates – Default Reactions
Both books, along with The Alchemy Press Book of Astrologica (ed. Allen Ashley) will be launched at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton in November!  Woohoo!

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