Friday, 17 July 2009

Wizard Anthology

Hot market news! Prime Books will be publishing an anthology of wizard stories in November 2010 and are looking for submissions.

The details are here, but in short:
Length: 5000 words or less.
Submission Period: 1st July 2009 – 31st March 2010.
Payment: 5 cents per word ($250 max), plus a pro-rata share of 50% of the anthology’s earnings and 1 contributor copy.
Submitted electronically.

Editor John Joseph Adams (also assistant editor of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction) has this to say about the content:

(a) The story should be about a wizard, witch, sorcerer, sorceress, of some kind (basically, any sort of user of magic).

(b) The fact that the story has wizards in it should be vital to the story, i.e., magic should be an important factor in the resolution of the plot.

(c) The wizards should be literal, in that they do actual magic, not like a pinball wizard or something like that.

(d) I’m interested in all types of wizard tales, but am especially interested in seeing some stories that explore the idea of wizardry from a non-traditional viewpoint–i.e., something based on the Chilean Kalku or on the supernatural practices of other cultures.

(e) The story may be set in a secondary world, the real world, the present, or in a historical time period…let your imagination run wild.

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