Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Jan's Good Neighbour

And for those of you on Authonomy, for a cracking piece of fantasy fiction, check out Alchemy member Jan Edwards and her excellent novel Good Neighbour

So what's it all about?

Ally Morgan is 17 and she has lived with her American mother in Texas for most of her life. Ally’s mother is killed in a hit and run accident. Then her missing father is found dead. Ally learns that her father was one of the Fey Folk, but believes herself to be human. When she arrives at Tegleigh Manor, in Sussex, there are several attempts to kill or kidnap her, and she soon begins to learn just what she must and can do to survive. Taking her father’s body through a portal in the nearby Hill she enters a new world of intrigue and power plays. The Fey Queen does not believe Ally is who she is said to be. Meanwhile, the Pwca (trickster) is hiding out in the family cellar claiming he owed her father his life. With two young Fey friends, Sian and Turi, Ally sets out to discover who killed her parents and is now attempting to steal her birthright. This is the first book in a proposed YA series about Ally and her Clan.

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