Thursday, 19 January 2012

Jan and Sam are Hammered!

It being January means that the Hammer Out Book of Ghosts is now officially out! In it you can find stories from Alchemy Members Jan Edwards and Sam Stone so don't delay, get your copy now!

Published by Fantom Films, all money raised from the anthology will go to the charity Hammer Out which helps fund research, raise awareness and provide support for people suffering from brain tumours.

The hardback edition can be had for £10.99 here.

Foreword by Tracey Childs
Immortal Monster by Sam Stone
The Widow and the Deserter by Alex Barrett
Sleeping Lions by Niall Boyce
Orbyting by Jan Edwards
The Noise from the Flat Upstairs by S.E. Branson
Tower Song by Richard Howard
Deadline by Paul W.T. Ballard
The Attic Nursery by Raven Dane
Chillers and Breathers by Sam Stone
We Attract that which we Fear the Most by Louise Jameson
Last Rites by Simon Guerrier

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