Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Jan's in Darkness

Big congrats to Alchemy Writer Jan Edwards who will be appearing in the charity anthology When Darkness Falls. WDF is edited by Emma Audsley and will be published by Screaming Spires.  All proceeds will go to Pictor School in Cheshire, UK and Autism Awareness.

Table of Contents:
1. Crows View of Autumn by Joe S Pulver.
2. Jennifer by Jack Bennett.
3. The Greek Widow by Stephen Laws.
4. In the Name of God by Stuart Young.
5. Antidote by Max Xavier.
6. Stick Around by Brian Hodge.
7. What is it For? by Rebecca Brown.
8. Trufflepig by Colin F Barnes.
9. What the Dark Does by Graham Masterton.
10. Castigation Crunch by Jasper Bark.
11. The Psychoanalyst by Rhys Hughes.
12. Greenfingers by Lisa Jenkins.
13. ‘Til Death by Eric Smith.
14. House of Dandridge by Jason White.
15. Know Our Hearts Bleed by Frank Duffy.
16. Webbed Fingers by Stephen Bacon.
17. The Stranger by Tom Lynch.
18. 212 by Seb Doubinsky.
19. Penumbra Over Millwall by Jan Edwards.
20. If I Should Wake by Brian Hodge.
21. That Night at The Grief by Gary McMahon.
22. The Stones of Calder Hall by Raven Dane.
23. In the South, an Arise by R J Barker.
24. So Much to See by Frazer Lee.
25. In the Dark, the Monsters by Alison Littlewood.
26. Hey, Karen by Marianne Halbert.
27. Suicide Solution by R D Teun.
28. ’77 Coupe De Ville by D M Youngquist.
29. Nailbiter by Amelia Mangan.
30. The Spoon by Rhys Hughes.
31. On Delivery by Jack Bantry.
32. Old School by Gary Fry.
33. Sea of Souls by Mark West.
34. The Other Side by Ramsey Campbell.

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