Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Apprenticeships in Fiction

If you fancy trying your hand at an apprenticeship, Adventures in Fiction is offering a one year professional development programme for first-time novelists

There are five subsidized placements for first-time novelists of commercial and literary fiction, including one for crime, one for fantasy and one for fiction for children and young people (9+). The placements, which have an individual value of over £2,750 will take the form of an apprenticeships with a professional writer working in a similar genre.

In its first three years, the scheme has already resulted in a publication and referred a further six writers to literary agents. Four writers have also secured funding, two from Arts Council England, one for an individual mentoring programme with Adventures In Fiction and one to support an apprenticeship placement.

The financial assistance of Arts Council England has enabled them to offer an award of £1000 towards each apprenticeship. (A subsidy of over 36%.)

INDUCTION: 3rd September 2009

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